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Three Year Old Brains

Interested in how young brains work? Sean Brotherson, a Family Science Specialist working out of North Dakota State University, has created a handy guide to brain development in young children. It's incredibly interesting and definitely worth a re...

What Makes Dave Happy?

This past Wednesday, after three decades on the late night circuit, The Late Show host David Letterman officially retired from show business. The longest-serving talk-show host in American television history, Letterman has won numerous awards and...

Parenting Like A Sith

Well, I'm kicking myself for not seeing this two weeks ago (May the 4th be with you, too!), so let's just call this a late tribute to one of the best days of the year: Star Wars Day!! You Tube user Buddy Crotty recently posted a video of himself ...


If you're sick of looking at "perfect" models on the cover of fashion magazines, you're not alone. A recent global survey from Havas Worldwide indicates that more and more consumers are experiencing "beauty fatigue". Over 69% of respondents said ...

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