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How cool is it that a mother's body is so attuned to the needs of her child that her breastmilk changes as the baby grows? Breastmilk also adapts in the short term - for example, its water content increases as the weather gets hotter. Now that's...

Choose Compassion

One year ago, Dr. Kent Brantly was working in Liberia during an outbreak of Ebola when he came down with the virus. After nearly losing his life, Dr. Brantly is on the road to recovery. Recently, he and his family returned to Liberia to visit the...


Body positivity, body image, and body diversity are everywhere right now, and I mean EVERYWHERE. On the one hand, this is fantastic because it indicates a potential shift in what North American culture considers to be "beautiful". Anytime we ca...

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

By the time a fetus is seven months old, she is has a lot in common with a newborn, including going through cycles of sleep such as deep sleep and REM sleep.  Some scientists, such as Johns Hopkins developmental psychologist Janet Di Pietro, ...

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