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A Full Heart

The human body is amazingly adaptable.  A woman's body goes through a lot of changes when she becomes pregnant - including producing more blood to make sure that her fetus grows properly.  Amazingly, when she is in labour, a woman's car...

Baby Hair

Having heartburn during pregnancy doesn’t tell you anything about the sex of your fetus, but it is a pretty good indicator that your baby will have a lot of hair! It’s all related to hormones. A study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that ...

The Buzz About The Bikini

Recently, we linked to a Buzzfeed article about Victoria's Secret swimsuits on real women on our Facebook page, which generated a lot of interest among our readers. Some people liked the article, while others weren't very impressed with what it h...

The Benefits of Bionic

Everybody knows about unhealthy ways of interacting with technology, mostly because so many of us engage in these activities ourselves. Young adults prefer texting to face-to-face conversations. Spouses seek out extra-marital relationships on virt...

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